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 There's extensive local ski area information during the winter months including a snow report lift and terrain status, and the daily grooming report.  Take a look at the mountain's web cams - or those located in the town For a heads up on the weather conditions click here

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The Mountain

 The 2023/24 season is getting off to an unusually early start this year. Here's a helmet cam video of a prior year's nice powder day at Vail. 

Thinking about trying another ski area?

This is a review of a 2001 trip to Vail's sister city of St. Moritz.

In 2002 we visited Whistler.  That was followed by a 2003 vacation to Taos.

Europe and Grindelwald, Switzerland was the ticket for 2004 repeated in 2007 by a trip to Lech, Austria.

We stayed in the states in 2005 doing the "Colorado  5 in 5", and then traveled to Montana and Wyoming in 2008.

In January, 2009, we were off to Snowbird, Solitude, and Deer Valley in Utah.


A view of the Eiger at the top of the Railway from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch



Just for fun compare the custom Strolz boot fitting done In Lech, Austria in 2008 in the upper video -


- to a later technological advance below - an Ertlrenz fitting done in Vail in 2012.

Both operations produced great fitting boots - albeit at fairly tasty prices.(Here's a note about this product in March of 2019.  Apparently there were some servicing problems with Germany about the Ertlrenz boots being returned and repaired.  Stay tuned.)

For a quick look at our summer travel pages give this like a click and you'll be there.

How about visiting a number of world wide salt water fly fishing destinations we've enjoyed?

 January, 2024 was supposed to be a new place - Astove Island, but it turned out to be a return to our favorite - Alphonse. April's trip to North Caicos Island was interesting, but a complete fishing dud.

2023 began with another shot for bones and tarpon at St. George's Caye in Belize.  In March we repeated at Rancho Leonero in Mexico - lousy fishing though.  In October I again traveled to Alphonse Island.

It was back to the Maldives in January. 2022 with a new twist - a motor yacht fishing trip.  In April it was a return to Punta Pescadero Resort in Mexico.  Once again to Alphonse Island in September.

2021 started well with a January visit to Atmosphere Kanifushi Resort in the Maldives.  A return to St. Georges Caye in April was less successful.  June's trip to Cocoa Plum was a mixed bag I made another good, but solo trip to Alphonse in  October, 2021.

 In 2020  after a week in January's trip to Kiritimati (Christmas Island), the C19 virus shut us down until the fall when we traveled to Punta Pescadero in Mexico in September and Rancho Leonero in November.

2019 started out with a lousy lodging, but interesting fishing trip to Christmas Island in the South PacificIn March we headed back to St. George's Caye for some decent tarpon hooking. 

April took us to San Salvador Island in the Bahamas.  June brought us again to St. Georges where the tarpon fishing was even better than in the spring.  In July it was back to Kamalame off Andros in the Bahamas.

2018 began with a somewhat dismal January trip to Swain's Cay in the Bahamas followed by Hopkins Bay in Belize in March, and St. Georges in April.  More fishing - Kamalame Caye  in July of 2018

In August of that year it was Rancho Leonero in Mexico.  Last outing was at St. Georges Caye  in Belize.

 June of 2017's first trip was to Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas followed by another week at our favorite place in the Seychelles, Alphonse Island.

March 2016 was the start of our many years of fishing destinations, first to El Pescador in Belize followed by a second visit to Belize in September to Banyon Bay.  October found us at  Alphonse Island in the Seychelles.

A variety of earlier international travel destination trips
If you've ever thought about visiting Turkey, here's the 2011 trip to that country

Or maybe Spain? 
This was a 2012 fall visit.  

Some great paella on the boardwalk in Barcelona.

A different path was the trek to Croatia in 2013.

We were adrift at sea in 2014 on the way to Polynesia.

For 2015 the fall trip was to Dubai and Mauritius - both very interesting .

Bucket list stuff - W Hotel in Barcelona and Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi - July 2017.

In May, 2018, we visited Lisbon, and then hiked part of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago.


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