A return to St. George's Caye Resort in March 2019

We like this place.  It's more comfortable than fancy, but the owner keeps tweaking the facility every year, and all the changes make sense and help with the overall experience.

It checks most of our boxes for a convenient resort to visit for some salt water fishing, enjoy decent weather, and have a nice respite from whatever else we might have been doing at the moment.  Best of all, it's easy for us to get here - maybe six hours total, and the flight is only a one hour time zone change from our places either in Arizona or Colorado.  We especially appreciate not having to board another inter island flight to San Pedro, Placencia, or Dangriga, etc.

The resort picks us up at the airport, drives us to the pier, and then motor boats us about seven miles out to the island.

This time around our favorite cabanas on the ocean front were booked, so the reservation person put us in the Captain's Room at the Villa.  It's an odd building that looks like a mansion but only has three dwelling units - and the Captain's is the only one facing the ocean.  Nice room.  Quieter and more private than any of the cabanas and better furnished too.

We keep learning more about the fishing each time we return.  This month the tarpon fishing was great - at least I'd say the tarpon "hooking" was great.  While I struck a handful of those silver beauties each day, I only managed to actually release a single one on the trip.

But there were some other nice surprises in our catches (and releases).  Two large grouper were let go along with several of the smallish bonefish that inhabit Belizean water, tons of different snapper species, a couple of jacks, needlefish, barracuda, and another three types we didn't recognize.


So what do we like best here?  Fishing tops the list.  With a quiet lagoon out in back and the ocean in front there's never a situation when we cannot cast all day long somewhere on the Caye.  The kayaks are well set up with seat pads and backs.  There's a good trail on the ocean side that gets us longer walks every morning after breakfast.  Food keeps getting better.  While sticking to their Belizean style of cooking, presentations were much more attractive this year (we all eat with our eyes too). 


The accommodations are comfortable and well air conditioned.  Landscaping is vastly improved over a few years ago,

While we don't take advantage of the other activities offered by the resort, snorkeling, diving, and Mayan ruin tours are always there if needed.

So we'll keep coming back here a couple of times each year.

Here's the regular clunky video we make of each trip.