January, 2020

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1/13-21:  A follow up trip to the iconic bonefish haven of Christmas Island.  My sense is it's showing its age.  With a couple of gill nets stretched across two of the lagoons we're used to fishing, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of law enforcement by the local police to prevent that from happening, and the fact that the guides from the major resorts are now having to motor to the absolute far end of the island to get their clients into fish, suggests that things aren't the way they used to be.


This year I stayed at the Lagoon View Resort in Tabwakea.  The family that owns this six room motel is very nice and they try really hard to make sure their guests have a good time.  But let's be honest and say that while many of the guests who write up glowing reports about the place, in the old USA, the rooms would be rated maybe one star at best. 

That doesn't mean one shouldn't stay here.  Actually I would again if I wanted to spend most of my time fishing around Tabwakea or London, but my interests are for casting on the ocean reef from the cemetery to the airport and then working the lagoons above and below Lone Pine.  So it's not a good solution for me.  Apparently an American company (or couple) has picked up the lease on the Captain Cook so if that's really the case, I may well go back there on my next trip over - if that actually happens.

I rented another car this year to avoid having to deal with guides (no, I don't hate you guys, I just don't want to be told what to do.)  Fished all my old haunts again and had plenty of success here and there.  The crumby video I output after a trip will pretty much tell the story.

Which is what this is:


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