January, 2018

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1/5-9:  This was supposed to be a nice mid winter getaway to a new spot in the Bahamas for some decent DIY bonefishing, but it turned out to be a bust.  Actually it is the first bad trip like that we've ever had (so far).  The problem was the weather which was truly ugly.  Cold temperatures, vicious winds, extra high tides - it was just flat unpleasant to even be outside.

Despite that we had a decent time.  Did a lot of hiking along the coast hghway, some fun biking, and both of us read (too) many books.

The resort is a cute, probably three star level, operation.  Please don't think of three stars as a negative rating.  It's really not bad at all, and if we hadn't had such a poor weather experience this time around, we might well come back again.  There are some oddities about the place that someone thinking going might consider.  The rooms are OK with a few exceptions - broken shades, a hot tub out back that was really useless, not great lighting, views of the beach that were really not what was expected, and a food plan that a visitor really needs to have cleary explained before arriving, rather than at the end of the stay when paying for it.  The kayaks (unusable due to the winds) don't have seat pads and backs which limits their usefullness for extensive paddling (at least from my perspective).

OK.  The fishing was non existent.  I did a some casting here and there, but the flats were completely blown out and murky.  Even a Brit. who was there for three weeks said he couldn't find a fish anywhere.  It's just life.  Here's a quick video of the experience:



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