Trip to Kamalame Caye Bahamas in July, 2019

This was another annual excursion to one of our favorite spots in the Bahamas.  It's the closest resort we've yet found in quality to our gold standard island of Alphonse in the Seychelles.  As usual, we rented one of the bungalows about two miles from the main lodge.  The supplied golf cart always got us where we wanted to go as did the fat tire bikes that were available at each unit.

The swimming was fine again, but we did little kayaking due to the lack of seat pads and backs in those craft.  Sounds a bit spoiled to need them, but the seat backs are a necessity if one is going to spend a lot of time paddling.

Fishing - the main reason I like going here was a bit sketchy this year.  While I had good success going deep in the main channel of Staniard Creek for larger sized snappers, the way the high tide clocked in a little too late in the day (angle of the sun) made it tough to easily spot bonefish heading into the flats to feed. 

Speaking of fishing, here's a quickie video of a large sand shark's attempted attack on a bonefish I was playing - the bone survived just fine:


Food being one of the most critical (to us) aspects of any of the places we visit was somewhat out of balance.  The delivered continental breakfasts were not quite up to snuff as the fruit was often not ripe and the yoghurt had been discontinued.  Ditto for some of the servings at lunch and dinner where the common and widely used avocados tended to not be ripe.  But for the most part the feeding was well done and was as always very expensive.  A couple of the luncheon items - the sweet potato fries and the blue cheese burger - are the absolute best of those types we've found anywhere in the world - and that's saying something.

Here's a very short video with some clips of the bungalow, the food, and the fishing: