September, 2016


9/10-14:  This trip to Belize (a country we've previously visited) was a "quickie" and turned out to be far better than the last one to a quite famous fishing camp on the same key (Caye) called Ambergris.  For whatever reason over the internet, we found the web site for the Villas at Banyan Bay and locked into a four night stay there this month.

The intention was to beta test a bunch of fly fishing equipment, lines, leaders, and recently tied flies for a more important trip later this month to the island of Alphonse in the Seychelles where neither of us have been before.  We had a really great experience at Banyan Bay.  The resort is older but very well maintained, and our hotel condo was far better than the small room we had at Pescador last February.  No offense intended to El Pescador.  It's a great fishing lodge operation with terrific hosts and staff, but we found the comforts at Banyan Bay were a whole lot better for what we appreciate.

A great two bedroom condo right on the waterfront, nice food in the local restaurant, an easily accessible grocery store, and decent fly casting right in front of the lodge was just what the doctor ordered for what we were trying to accomplish.

It turned out that our new rods worked great as did all the terminal equipment and especially the flies, so it looks like we're pretty well set up for our Seychelles expedition starting in late September.  Here are a few snapshots of the stay on Belize followed by a couple of raw videos of the lodging and the fishing experience.  Didn't land any big ones, but the variety was very interesting.




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