June, 2019

6/1-6:  First fishing trip of the summer - and it didn't take place anywhere in the Rockies.  Too much snow this year - great for our water supply but lousy for early season trout fishing.  Instead we traveled again to Belize to our favorite spot there - St. Georges Caye.  It's an easy flight to Belize City and an even easier one to get to our destination (as in no other interisland flight is required).

This year the tarpon hooking - and releasing was the best we've seen.  A variety of sizes from tiny to huge.  The "huge" ones generally got away without having to be released, but a couple of them came to hand for a change.  It was lots of fun.  The resort is still doing a nice job of making guests happy and well fed, and the kayaks available give us access to lots of different types of fly fishing.

A good time was had by all.  Here's the regular rough video we make of what went on while we were there:


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