Alphonse Island Trip January, 2024 

We were supposed to go to the left hand island - - - but ended up on the other to the right.


The little island on the left is Astove which has the "wall", possibly the most famous dive spot in the world.  If one walks out on the edge of the reef in ankle deep water, then takes another step, he drops 3,000 feet right straight down.

The island on the right is Alphonse, a place we've been visiting for about eight straight years.  Here's what happened.

Early in 2023 we got a promotional email from Blue Safari offering a "bargain" priced week at Astove in January of 2024.  My wife bought into the idea, and we booked the trip.  So far, so good.  On the correct date, we flew from Tucson to Dallas to Doha in Qatar, and finally to Victoria, Mahe in the Seychelles.  When we got to Le Manglier our overnight guest house, there was a call waiting for me from the manager of Alphonse Resort.  He told us that a major weather system moving off the North coast of Madagascar would shut down the possibility of diving at Astove the coming week.

So he offered us and the other people heading to Astove accommodations at Alphonse for the week.  We and the others opted in, so that Monday we flew to Alphonse and landed about 9:00 in the morning.  Checked in, had a good breakfast and got to our bungalow where we unpacked and set up for some fishing.

Here's a quickie video of the flight to the Seychelles:


Then we got to Alphonse Island


And here's a look at how the morning started each day.




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