A return to St. Georges Caye in 2018

The image above is an aerial photo of the St. Georges Caye resort taken (we assume) by the resort after the completion of the additions to the swimming/fishing dock in the lower right corner of the screen.  It's a nice add on to what was already one of our favorite places in Beliae to visit.

We returned this April for another four night stay,  In addition to the dock improvement there were some other enhancements to the facilities.  Upgrades to the beachside units, much nicer landscaping, and changes to the menu.  We like this place.  It's especially good to not have to take another flight to either Ambergris or Dangriga or Placencia as the resort drives us from the Belize City airport to the dock and then transports us by boat roughly seven miles to the island.

Every morning we can take a two plus mile walk around the island to the north and south giving us some much needed exercise.  Really the only kick we have against the place is the group feeding we have to do for lunch and dinner every day.  That's just not our preferred way to eat, but there's nothing can be done about it.  Food is actually decent comfort style in a Belizean manner, but we simply don't like the timing of those meals.

Fishing was modest this time around.  Too much killer wind for the first two days, and relatively fewer fish around the docks.  But the tarpon fishing was decent, even though while I played several, I didn't release a single one.  Here's the short video of the visit.