An October, 2014 cruise through French Polynesia.

On the good ship Lollypop???  Nope.  It was the Paul Gauguin - a smallish luxury liner based out of Nassau.  We were less than 300 passengers with a crew of over 200.  Here's the ship in all its glory.

Our itinerary was as follows:  Two days at the Intercontinental Hotel in Pape'ete followed by another week at sea. We made a two day stop at Bora Bora, a day at Taha'a, another at Huahine, and two more at Mo'orea.  Then it was back to Pape'ete for the flight back home.

The shipboard life was great.  Food and service were provided at a level we've never experienced at any time in the past.  Absolutely five star quality without exception.  Our cabin was fine too. 

A bit less interesting were the choices the crew made available to us for snorkeling, and the water sports equipment provided was something of a joke.  Dive equipment, however, was first rate.

To be honest this really is a cruise for more mature folks interested in being ferried around to a variety of shore side excursions.  For those more physically active, it may not be the best possible type of vacation option.  That being said, we definitely had a positive experience and have no regrets about making the trip.

Here's a short video of some shots we took both on shore and at sea:


Here are a few stills from the trip.  As noted above, the food was absolutely outstanding.