A return to Kamalame Caye, Andros, Bahamas in 2018

We had a great time at Kamalame last year and opted to try it again this year - timed for Sue's birthday (and no, we don't mention the year she was born).

It's a very nice private island resort just north of Fresh Creek on the island of Andros.  While not particularly noted for fishing on the premises, we have had modest success there in the past and duplicated that again this year.  There are pretty much all of the shallow water Bahamian species here - snappers of many types, too many toothy small barracuda, sand sharks, bone fish, and a few other species I was unable to identify.  As usual, we didn't release large quantities of any of the fishes but had fun trying.

While we recognize that our refusal to use guides (especially those with boats) limits our effectiveness, we still prefer doing things the way we do them.


One of the reasons we came here initially was the place's reputation and ratings.  Alphonse Island in the Seychelles is our gold standard for spots to visit and fish, but we're always looking for a similar resort in the Western Hemisphere that has relatively similar characteristics.  Kamalame to this point is as close as we've gotten in that regard.


Despite a couple of hiccups, the resort produced better than average food, decent delivered morning continental breakfasts, and friendly services.  Except for the fact that the kind of fishing we like to do was still not overwhelming here, we probably will return again - and if asked would advise our friends to do the same.

The big kick we have with going to the Bahamas is that we cannot get to where we want to go in a single day - thus requiring a late afternoon arrival and overnight stay in Nassau  followed by a very early next morning flight to whatever outer island we are heading.....................Such is life.

Here's the video of the fishing and "resorting" at Kamalame