November, 2020

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11/15-20:  OK.  Let's face it.  At this time in our ugly C19 crisis the only place to travel to without the awful restrictions most countries are putting on us poor old American slugs is Mexico.  So we went there again.  This time it was to Rancho Leonero in the East Cape of the Sea of Cortez just about an hour north from the airport at San Jose del Cabo.  We'd been there once before.

The resort is very attractive sitting on a rocky point above the water.  It's showing signs of age without a lot of attention, but hopefully after this crisis passes, they'll have enough income to fix the maintenance problems that detract from the usage of that place.  Here's the quick, down and dirty, video that we made while we were there.

And for what it's worth, we'll likely go back again this year due to the ease with which we can enter and exit Mexico.



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