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With a good reputation for modern Italian cuisine - located down valley in Edwards we tried..


This warehouse architecture restaurant is laid out in interesting fashion with a curved dining area and open kitchen.  It had been on our list of places to try for several seasons, but our reluctance to drive beyond Vail's city limits had kept us away until this evening.

We were early arrivals and enjoyed watching the prep staff chop large quantities of sage as they prepped our appetizers.  There's a slightly European feel to the wait staff and a pleasant  ambience to the operation.

Highlights:  The Carpaccio and other apps. were delicious.  A Portobello mushroom/Veal ravioli was outstanding as was a beef/field greens plate.  The bread with olive dipping oil was also excellent.  Deserts - tiramisu and a chocolate mousse were light and refreshing.

Lowlights:  Much of the rest of the dinner was average at best.  A smoked salmon/cheese rigatoni was pasty and unpleasant.  The wine list was modest to a fault.  White selections particularly were severely limited - and this during the peak of the summer.  A halibut with mixed vegetable plate was so overly "saged" that none of the individual flavors were noticeable.   The same overuse of sage pervaded almost everyone's plate.  Noise is a huge issue.  Conversations were difficult at best.

To be honest we'll not return here.  With relatively superior Italian restaurants either in Vail or at least within a shorter driving distance, there's no incentive to drive this far for what we regarded as at best a modestly interesting dining experience.

                                                                                                        Reviewed by ORP on 07/09/03

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