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A look at the new La Tour.

One of our long time favorite French flavored places changed hands this fall.  The Moritz family had successfully operated their eponymous restaurant in this location for close to 30 years.

The new owner comes to the business with a background as chef of the Game Creek Club here in Vail.  A modest remodeling program - with the addition of some very nice art was recently completed.  An extension of the present dining area is still under way as this is written.

Having heard some nice things about the new operation I took a party of four for dinner there shortly after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Wish I could say the experience was all upbeat, but really it was not - at least my meal left a lot to be desired.  We sampled various dishes, trying to pack in as many different flavors as possible with an app apiece, main course, and two deserts which we shared.  A nice red (Morgan Zin.) and another white (Cutrer-Sonoma Chard.) accompanied the meal.

Highlights: My guests fared much better than did I.  Their various dishes - seafood, salad, Carpaccio, got nice reviews.  But for me the experience was less than satisfactory.  My strip steak was tough and vastly undercooked.  The peppercorn sauce was bland.  And the lobster bisque that preceded the entree was similarly bland and lacking in style. 

Lowlights: See above.  This was a really pricey meal.  The tab for four of us approached $300 with two relatively inexpensive bottles of wine.  The chef came to the table and I explained my discomfort with the meat, and while he sympathized, he did nothing to correct the problem - nor did he offer any recompense on the bill.  The wine list is overpriced even by Vail standards.  While the overall experience was fine for most of our group, I'll not yet award this place even one star1.gif (962 bytes).  And to be truly honest, I doubt I'll go back for another try.

                                                                                                        Reviewed by ORP on 12/08/98

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