January, 2003

Last Logbook Entry  for previous days.

1/22:  Finally!  A chance to get out on the water & away from the skiing.   With a couple of days break from ski teaching the dog & I drove to Glenwood to enjoy our first casting of the new year.  Wish I could claim success in terms of released trout, but that didn't happen.  We hiked upstream to the Four Mile hole and began throwing the same olive wooly bugger into a fierce wind that messed up casting & the drift.  No strikes.

Changing to a nymph rig of leading stone & trailing #20 gray RS-2 brought a couple of small fish on the hook and nothing to hand.  More wind gusts from the wrong direction forced a change back to the bugger, but only two large fish on and a couple more strikes resulted in probably a half mile of casting back down towards the Sunlight Bridge.

We'd hoped to test the Colorado this morning but strong wind and scattered snowfall suggested that prospect was best left alone.  Even without decent catching it was fun to be out on the water again.

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