November, 2002

11/6:  99% of my fly fishing gear is sitting in the vanagon in Denver while the latter is undergoing a major warranty service.  To have a chance to cast for a little bit on the Roaring Fork today, I cobbled together an eight weight outfit and headed to Glenwood Springs.  Walked the dog downstream from Sue's condo & hopscotched along the bank (no wading sandals either) for 45 minutes at the park along the hiking trail.  

No glasses meant no seeing the line on the water and that along with everything else probably cost me a half dozen missed fish.  Used a leading cone head stone & trailing bead head pupa.  It wasn't going to be great fishing anyway.  Did release a ten inch rainbow & popped off a brown of roughly 15-16 inches and that was it for the day.

We'd hoped to try the Colorado & Eagle on the way back to Vail today, but the next big storm was raging when we left Glenwood & it just wasn't appealing to be out in those conditions.

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11/20:  Fishing opportunities are getting fewer & farther between.  Ski season's underway and the snow is great, so I'm devoting most of my time trying to make my quads behave in all the bumps we have on the mountain already.  After another morning of this (pleasant) torture the dog & I headed down to Glenwood for a couple hours of fishing on the Fork followed by dinner at Sue's place.

We followed the now pretty much standard routine of hiking to the bike path park downstream from the Sunlight Bridge & began casting with the same rig as above.  There were lots of midges in the air & foliage - as it was a nice warm 45 degree day, but as is almost always the case, the fish were simply hiding on the bottom.

Four fish came to hand which was almost better than I expected.   Ten and sixteen inch whitefish alternated with twelve and fourteen inch rainbows.   All took the small bead headed green midge larva.  Happily the fight's still in the fish as all were vigorous in their attempts to avoid being released.  Tomorrow we may have time for a bit more casting on the Colorado or Eagle before heading back home to Vail.

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