February, 2002

2/4:  Nope, no fish or fishing again today.  We're in the midst of one of the longest cold, dry spells in recent memory.  Our drive to the town of Eagle this morning revealed that the river of that name remains at least 95% iced over & completely unfishable.  The only possibilities in our immediate area to even attempt casting are near the "warm" water parts of Gore Creek or the Eagle near Avon.  Obviously close by tailwaters like the Blue & Yampa would also work.   It's discouraging to not be able to get even a tiny fishing "fix" under these conditions.

2/19:  On our way back from Denver this morning we took a flier on the tailwater of Clear Creek below the Georgetown Reservoir.  It's running very low & sluggish - maybe 5 c.f.s.  With the outflow from the local sewer plant also entering the creek here, at least the water was warm.  No hatches at 15 degrees air temperature, so I threw a little copper cone head wooly bugger into the few pockets of more than a foot in depth.  One stupid little six inch brown was the net result.

At Silverthorne we tried throwing the bugger a few times, but the brutal winds & cold temperatures prevented anything resembling success.   On Thursday we may get a shot at the Roaring Fork - which should be better.

Last Logbook Entry  for previous days.

2/21:  It was absolutely beautiful on the Roaring Fork today.  Sunny skies & air temperatures warm enough to actually take the down coat off for a few minutes.  The dog & I did our standard downstream hike on the East side of the river above the Sunlight Bridge.  We strictly streamer fished for the first couple of hours & while it wasn't a killer day from a hookup standpoint, I did manage to release a handful of browns in the 14-16 inch range.  Not a rainbow to be seen however.

Did have several other strikes & watched a number of fish follow the gray rabbit winged sculpin pattern back to the bank.  At the end of the big pool just above the bridge, I shifted to a double nymph rig & was happy to release another brown that took a #18 buckskin.  We'd intended to fish again in the morning of the 22nd, but too much wind, cloud cover, & bitter temperatures prevented that from happening.

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