December, 2000

12/4:  The mid January stream condition doldrums continue - at least for my fishing.  A trip to Glenwood allowed time for an hour of casting on the Colorado near No Name.  No Fish would be a better descriptor.  Walking the rip-rap upstream and nymphing with a combo stone/midge rig brought only a single fish on & he long released after turning so I could see his side.  Probably a whitey.   The walk back to the parking area with a wooly bugger was even less effective.   It's probably not even worthwhile trying right now, but I am addicted.

12/7:  It was no better today.  Our trip back from Glenwood allowed a spare hour out on the river, but casting proved worthless.  There was so much flow ice coming downstream, it was impossible to get a nymph to the bottom with any kind of drift.  Using a weighted wooly bugger worked better but absolutely nothing struck.  If I had even a tiny semblance of a brain, I'd call it quits until the weather warms up some - but that probably won't happen either.

12/14:  See 12/7 above.  On my way back to Vail I drove the Eagle between that town & Wolcott looking for some open water.  There are a few ribbons here & there, but the ice has moved ever closer to the center of the stream.  Admittedly I could have fished a handful of places.  The reality is that I don't think I'd have had much success so didn't waste the time scrambling out on the ice.  While there's really little true danger of being "strained" under the shore ice buildup because of the relatively shallow stream flows this time of year, it's really not much fun struggling just to get to the water.  I may not even try again until we hit the January "thaw" - assuming it happens this year.

Last Logbook Entry  for previous days.

12/25:  Merry Christmas to Sue.  Merry Christmas to Sue.  She caught the only fish of the day today on the Gore.  And not a bad fish it was.  We couldn't get  down to the stream to release it because of snow depths, so had to break it off.  I estimated its length at 20-22" and a weight of easily three pounds.  Possibly her best rainbow of the year.  This may be our last trip for 2000.

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