Here's a quick hatch chart for the Eagle River.  Our original public access guide to this river is here, and our new Google map access guide is available by clicking here.  Some successful local fly patterns may be useful .  You can find a daily log of recent fishing trips here.

Videos of recent trips and other useful Colorado fly fishing information is available too.

Eagle River Hatch Guide*

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Caddis flies

  Western Sedge                      
  Small Olive Sedge                  
  Spotted Sedge                      
  Fall Sedge                      


  Golden Stones                  
  Yellow Stones                  
  Alloperla Stones                      


  Blue Winged Olive            
  Red Quill                      
  Pale Morning Dun                    
  Green Drake                      
  Pale Evening Dun                        
  Black Midge            
  Olive Midge                
  Gray Midge                      



* Note that for all insect varietals in the absence of a visible hatch the nymphal form will generally be more productive than will the adult winged version - year around.   This is a basic truth for the Eagle and probably all other trout streams. 

Orv Petersen
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