May, 2023

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Back again to our old stomping grounds at St. Georges Caye in Belize

We were there in January of this year and suffered through a week of unrelenting winds that basically destroyed the fly fishing.  Interestingly this May's week was tougher in that regard.  Ergo our fishing success was even worse this month.

The thing that saves us here at St. Georges is the availability of good kayaks that we can use to troll and also get out to other wading spots in the lagoon at the Western side of the Caye where the wind's force is blunted.  Which is what we did.  It's still not the same as being able to wade the decent bonefish flats on the ocean side but a heck of a lot better than not being able to fly fish at all.

That being said, our results were still pretty skimpy (as the video below will show).  We picked up decent numbers of the local small sized bones, lots of juvenile mutton snappers, a young tarpon, and the usual other suspects.  So the overall trip wasn't a complete disaster. 

The accommodations at the Villa were nice as always, meals were fine for breakfast and lunch, and as has been the case in the past, dinners were awful. How that kitchen is able to persistently over cook entrees to toughness yet bring the plates to the table luke warm boggles the mind.

All of the staff at the lodge are great, friendly and nice to be around for the four days we were there.  We still enjoy being able to walk off our breakfasts on the trail that goes roughly a mile to the Northern tip of the island and then returns to the resort.

So this place remains high on our list of travel options once or twice every year.  We'll just beg Mother Nature for calmer wind conditions the next time we plan a trip here.


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