September, 2019


Last Logbook Entry  for previous day

9/2-3:  We headed over to the Crystal this morning planning to fish it in several places.  Ended up maxing out on the fishing up near Marble as it was too easy to catch and release the smallish rainbows.  Sizes ranged from 6-13 inches and while the fishing was terrific, it's still not great fun when it's this easy. 

So instead of spending the night overlooking the Raggeds, we drove over McClure Pass and made the hour and a half trip to the forks of the Gunnison.  With low flows on that stream too, we had high hopes for a situation similar to what we had the last time there in 2017, but it wasn't to be.  Fish were completely sulky in the afternoon sun and we were barely able to get a few strikes.  Did have a nice camping spot for the night.  Left the next morning and tried the Crystal again in the Redstone area but got shut out there too.  River was way too cold to be fishable early in the day.

Last camping trip of the year for CO.  Here's a short video of the two days:


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