June, 2017

5/28 - 6/2:  A pleasant trip to Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas provided gourmet eats, but only modest results on the flats around the island.  Click here for the whole report.

6/20 -21:  We debated a five plus hour trip to Flaming Gorge Reservoir this week, but instead opted for the three hour drive to the lower Gunnison River near Austin due to a stream flow report that had the flows through the Black Canyon down to nearly summer levels.  Unfortunately - and I should have known better - everyone else in Colorado was reading the same report and showed up well ahead of us.

As we also travel with two doggies (one a puppy) who enjoy fishing and the outdoors, once we saw all those cars in the parking lot, we got back in our vehicle and returned to the main stem of the river for some peace and quiet. 

The main river is still running way too high and off color, so we suspected we might be shut out.  It turned out to be a lot better than we had a right to expect.  Spent the first evening and next morning nymphing with a leader stone and trailer antenna caddis pupa. 

Both scored fairly well.  Missed a bunch of strikes, played a couple handfuls that got away and ended up releasing a dozen or so good rainbows between 14-18 inches along with some juvenile browns.

On the way out of the basin, we streamer fished a bit more and had only a couple to hand.  But it was a really nice trip - especially given the absence of other fisher people where we ended up staying and casting.

Here's the short video of the trip - dogs probably had more fun that we did, but it still was a good outing.

6/27:  A couple of hours of brush busting on the Eagle above Dowd Junction resulted in a grand total of three small browns for release.  Hopefully Thursday's trip to the Gunnison will be a lot better.  Here's the lame video:

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6/28-29:  A quickie return trip to the Gunnison was once again productive even though the dog & I didn't venture up the Black Canyon stem of the river.  First afternoon and evening were far better that the next morning, but it was still very enjoyable.  Here's a funky video of the trip that really doesn't do justice to the quality of the fishing:



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