May, 2016


5/10:  More warm water fishing fun down here in good old Green Valley Arizona.  Air and water temperatures are optimal right now which makes the catching and releasing a whole lot more productive.  We spend an hour or two on both ponds when the golf course is down for maintenance on Mondays so no one's around and we have the place to ourselves.

A newly created clouser style minnow streamer has been working very well every time we've been out, and for whatever reason the fish don't seem to be remembering that they were previously hooked by it.  Suspect this will probably change fairly soon, but for now, life's very good on the water.

Here are a couple of snapshots of the fishing followed by a short video:



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5/25:  Another fine hour or so on our ponds down here in Green Valley.  The fishing remains very strong this spring, and the streamer that's worked so well up to now continues to surprise us with its effectiveness.  Here are a couple more photos of fish released along with the last video for the month:




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