June, 2016


6/3:  An attempt to use a mouse fly with a San Juan trailer tonight was a bust.  Changing back to the successful grizzly hackle streamer turned the corner on the session bringing lots of strikes in the lower pond and the biggest bass I've ever landed from the upper one.  Here's the big boy in a short video of the evening's outing.



6/10:  OK, it's time to head back to Colorado.  We had one more short evening on the ponds testing a new strike indicator fly followed by a # 8 algae fly (that's mostly designed to try to potentially entice a milk fish on an island in the Seychelles).  Interestingly both of them caught some fish tonight.  Here's the short video of the day's outing:


6/21-22:  As tends to be the case, Williams Fork Reservoir completely skunked us again.  Walked the bank for about a half mile with zero strikes.  Did see one pike laying in wait in the shallows, but spooked him with my cast.  Trolling around the points in our kayak produced similar results - as in none.  However, we did enjoy the first campout of the yearr.  The weather is finally great here though streams are all running on the wild side.  Haven't had any success looking for a place to try next week.  Even the Green is mostly unfishable now due to raging flow releases from the Flaming Gorge dam.  Such is life.

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6/23-24:  Ah.  Glorious.  Back on a stream in Colorado - and some success as well.  We'd planned a two day trip to the upper Colorado including the headwater area in Rocky Mountain Park, but when the rain was spitting hard on the car when we left the condo, a change of plans resulted.  We headed West and South instead of North and East, driving over McClure Pass to the forks of the Gunnison near Hotchkiss.


A good decision it turned out to be.  The main stem's still a bit too high and discolored, but the presence of a massive and ongoing yellow sally stonefly hatch gave us all the fun we had a right to have.  Even though both of us probably missed a dozen or two strikes for every fish hooked, it was a great two days.  Lots of browns and more rainbows than we are used to from this stretch of stream.  Mostly smaller but some in the 14-16 inch range.

It turned out so well that we'll probably head back for another 2-3 days next week prior to the 4th holiday - after which the temps in that part of Colorado will be more like those in the Arizona we just left, and in which we will have no further interest.  The video follows:



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