October, 2015


10/19:  After our fun trip to the "mid" East, we're finally back in AZ and enjoying the weather that's turned nice.  Golf course is still down on Mondays so enjoyed a couple hours of casting on our two ponds this past week.  Fish in the lower pond were more mature and good sized, while the small fry in the upper one were way too aggressive (and probably completely underfed).

This coming week we're off for a couple of half days on Silver Creek in Northern AZ with the hopes of hooking a few Apache trout and maybe a couple of lunker rainbows.

Here's the short video of the bass fishing:

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10/28-29:  What's now become an annual expedition, we made another return trip to Northern Arizona to re-fish Silver Creek a couple of times over an afternoon and a morning.  Normally we spend two nights in Pinetop and do a long loop trip the second day past Greer and try the Little Colorado, but this year we had a timing issue & could not do the double night thing. 

Turned out better that way as the weather got sour overnight and even forced us off Silver Creek earlier than we had wished to leave on the next morning.  The fishing both days was actually quite good.  Have to admit I do feel sorry for these breeder fish that are released into this tiny ugly stream for the benefit of "catch and releasers" in the winter months and "catch and eaters" in the spring and summer.  All we caught were rainbows - not an Apache to be seen, though both Sue & I each suspected we had some lighter strikes from some of those interesting native Arizona trout.

It's worth noting that the rainbows really do get "smart" pretty quickly and behave a lot like trout on our Colorado tailwaters.  The main problem (as I see it for them) is that there are way too many large fish being released into too small areas which limits their ability to survive on naturally occurring insect life in the stream, so they probably get talked into taking some artificial flies that they'd normally refuse elsewhere.  Such is life.

Best fish of the trip released was this fat rainbow from the upper section that had to weigh a good 5-7 pounds.  Released a couple more 3-4 pounders up there and played another one that might have been in double digits.  All the big fish took streamers.




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