June, 2015


6/1:  Ah well, it's finally over - our fun down here in AZ.  Heading back to CO this coming weekend to face the muddy mountains & probably ongoing bad weather.

This afternoon was the last session on our local ponds for bass, bluegills, and (attempts at carp).  Finally was able to release one of the latter, but it really wasn't a whole lot of fun.  That carp was definitely aged and unused to being hooked, so there wasn't anything resembling a fight in it.

The bass were better as was the long palm sized bluegill I released (though didn't get to video).

Here's the last movie of the summer for us down here:


6/15-16:  It was supposed to be our first fun fishing trip of the summer back in Colorado, but the weather didn't cooperate at all.  We'd planned a four day excursion through Utah (Pelican Lake, the Green River tailwater, and Flaming Gorge Reservoir) followed by a part day on Rio Blanco Lake near Meeker.  It was pretty much a bust.

Pelican Lake was filled to overflowing so we couldn't access the best areas normally filled with huge bluegills and decent sized bass.  When we got to the Green later that day, the wind was howling downstream and thunderstorms were ready to pop.  Rained hard that night and the next morning on the Green was equally tough with a reversed wind that kept us from laying flies on the water in the right places.

Storms continued and kept us from trying both Flaming Gorge and Rio Blanco so we cut the trip two days short.


Did catch a few on the Green which buoyed our spirits a bit, but overall it wasn't a whole lot of fun.  Going to try Williams Fork on Thursday for pike and trout.  Here's the short video of the trip:


Last Logbook Entry  for previous day

   6/18-19:  Ah well, another trip, another unsuccessful fishing session.  Guess it's just that time of year.  We had a fun overnight camp out on Williams Fork Reservoir and were able to paddle our inflatable kayak around nicely, but the fishing was really lousy.  To be honest, unless we're in a pretty shallow body of water, trolling with full sink lines just doesn't get those streamers down to where most of the fish are living.

We did see a few nice sized pike along the shore, and finally I was able to release a small one just before we headed home, but overall it wasn't anything we could call a lot of action.  Here's the verrrrry short video:


6/21-22:  Memo to self.  Give up fishing still waters this time of year.  Just too much work and too little fun.  We tried Shadow Mtn. pump canal and Williams Fork Res. these two days with no success.  Had several good strikes in the ugly pump canal but no hookups.  Memo to self.  Use a sink tip line next time (if that ever happens) in the canal to get the streamer closer to the bottom.  However we did see some great flower patches popping up after the cold and ugly spring here in Colorado.  Here's a great plot of iris huddled in between all the sage.




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