September, 2014



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8/28-9/8:  At twelve days in length, this was our longest ever vanagon trip.  Sue wanted to attend a wedding in Boise, so with my brother living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, we thought it made sense to revisit Oregon and try fishing several old hangouts along the way.

Off we went.  Here are the sequences we fished.  Stopped on the White River in Colorado the first day with basically zero success, camping out that night on the Smith Fork of the Bear River in Wyoming.  A little better fishing the next morning.  Then it was off to the wedding for a couple of days in Boise.  Leaving there we headed to the Owyhee in Oregon followed by the Crooked.  Decent fishing both places.

Camped out on the North Umpqua at Lemola Lake - no fishing there - and no success the next day either on the North U.  Driving to the coast we caught a bunch of small sized smallmouth bass in the main Umpqua, and that was basically it for the fishing.  Nothing at all off the rocks in the ocean - and then it was time to go home.

Unhappily this is our last fishing trip of the season out of Colorado.  If weather and time permits, we may try another couple of days on Silver Creek in Arizona.   Here's the overly long video of the trip:




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