May, 2014



5/5:  Still here in Arizona.  Still enjoying some bass & bluegill fishing though would prefer it if an occasional carp would be on the "catching" menu too.  No luck with that yet.  Have hooked a few - both fairly and foul as well, but nothing to hand yet.  Really need my fly tying kit down here to put something together that looks similar to what carp might grub up with their snouts while nosing along the banks of the ponds here.

    Anyway that's not going to happen until at least next fall so we'll have to keep trying with what we have in the small box of flies down here.


This day turned out pretty much like the ones in April.  Lots of strikes on smallish bead head streamers with enough releases to keep all of us happy.  Am almost out of those good damsel fly nymphs so am saving those for another day.



Here's the brief video of the activity.  Nothing special, but the weather's still great (wind excepted of course).

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5/27:  The month's almost over.  Happily yesterday finally found us releasing the first carp of the spring.  And a nice one it was too.  As usual, most of what we're hooking each Monday are largemouth bass and plenty of hand sized bluegills, so having a good carp suck up the dry fly that had been converted to a quasi nymph was a cause for celebration (at least for me).

After releasing this somewhat subdued fighter, I hooked another stronger one that ripped all the way across our pond finally pulling the fly loose at the end of the run.  Hopefully some more success will follow prior to our heading back to Colorado in early June.

Here's the video of a bunch of other fish released before the carp at the end:



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