March, 2014



Last Logbook Entry  for previous day

3/4:  Another - and actually our last trip to the Roaring Fork this spring.  In all honesty a truly weird day.  None of the video I took of fish landed & released turned out.  The only piece of tape that worked was that of the fish shown here - a good sized sucker.

It's the only one of that species I've ever seen on the Roaring Fork - and only the second one I've ever hooked in Colorado, that one being on the Eagle River many years ago.

It was better fishing today when the weather warmed up in mid morning.  Got many strikes on a #18 buckskin with whitish gills at the head.  They were all rainbows ranging from 8 - 18 inches plus. 


Only brown of the day took a larger golden stone nymph.  The hooking was easy - the landing and releasing far less so.  Probably played a good dozen & a half fish but released only a handful.

Next stop Green Valley, Arizona and hopefully some better bass fishing now that the weather is warming up a  bit.

Here's the useless video of the morning:




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