July, 2014


6/30-7/2:  Our three day Utah trip to the Green River tailwater and the reservoir was moderately successful and certainly a lot better than trying to do any casting on our still raging Colorado rivers.

We got to Dutch John in the early afternoon & hiked down the upper part of B to test the riffle water below Little Hole.  Terribly strong downstream winds made the casting nearly impossible - and our results of only a few strikes showed for it.  But after dinner we had a lot better luck in the same section mostly on a black bodied WRS that I'm guessing mimicked to some extent a bunch of the local beetles.

Next day was good too on the 3 1/2 mile section of the river upstream of Little Hole.  Amazingly we were the only bank walking folks above the first mile marker.  What we still cannot figure out is why the people we did run into on the lower part of the trail were all wearing heavy chest waders.  Insanity to do that in the warm summer weather - especially since most of those people rarely even dip their toes into the stream.  So much for that.  But we did catch fish.  Not tons of them but probably a good 25-30 with more than that number of other missed strikes.

The mix was pretty much split between browns and rainbows - sizes were in the 14-18+ inch range, and all the fish looked healthy.

We spent the 2nd day late afternoon on the reservoir but had no success at all there.  Am guessing the water's still a bit too cold for the bass to be in shallower water where our full sink trolling lines generally work fairly well.

That was about it.  We did spend a few minutes casting on Rio Blanco Lake on the way home.  Here's a probably overly lengthy video of the trip:

7/7-8:  Another overnighter trip to the Gunnison River below the Black Canyon was also successful though not quite as much as the one above to the Green.  Sue was otherwise tied up so only Bluey & I did the honors here.  First afternoon we caught a few fish in the main river below the forks, but later in the day was almost a complete bust due to the fierce downstream winds coming out of a thunderstorm.

Next morning however was terrific.  We hiked roughly three miles upstream and cast along the bank with a double dry rig of leading rubber leg followed by a smaller WRS caddis imitation.  Rubber leg score better.  By the time we'd headed back for the car around 10:30 or so, I suspect we'd struck, played, or released a good twenty decent browns.  Not much size - mostly fourteen to sixteen - and interestingly no rainbows.  Here's the video of the outing:

7/14-15:  It's still tough fishing here in CO - at least where we live in Eagle County.  Streams are running higher than normal - and that's really OK with us.  Healthy for the water & also for the trout.

Anyway.  Did a short trip to the raging Eagle two days ago and had very poor results but obviously loved being out on the water.  Next day peddled the bike up Gore Creek and fared much better - albeit with many more brook trout than we prefer to see on the stream here.

Things can't help but get better over the next month & a half.  Here's the video essay:


7/17 - 18:  A short afternoon outing on an elevated level of Gore Creek brought only brookies to hand.  Weird.  Have never seen that many of any one species like that in a day.  Hope it's a temporary aberration. 

Next day on the Roaring Fork was probably even worse.  Despite releasing a couple of 15-16 inch browns and a similar sized rainbow, it was pretty tough work.  River is still too high for good access along the bank.  Here's the down & dirty video of the (very limited) activity:


7/22-23:  Another week - another trip.  This time to the upper Poudre where we used to spend a day & night before heading on through Ft. Collins to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.  The latter is no more for us, but we did enjoy the fishing on the Poudre from time to time so headed that way again yesterday.

  The Poudre turned out to be a mixed bag.  Upper river was sort of OK near the junction of the Poudre and the Big South.  A bit lower it was a complete bust, but then near the town of Rustic, it turned on wonderfully.

Joe Wright reservoir was another loser, as was Willow Creek on the way back home, but we did pick up a few browns just below the town of Hot Sulfur Springs.

The day before leaving I fished Gore Creek again with similarly decent results to previous trips.  Don't know what next week holds, but after that we (the dog & I are headed to Wyoming) for another shot at lots of different cutthroat species.

Here's the video of this latest trip:


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7/27:  A rare Sunday outing was successful on the Eagle River and Gore Creek - even though sizes of the brown trout were pretty small.  Here's the quick video:




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