April, 2014


4/7:  Fishing's slowly but surely picking up down here in nice sunny southern Arizona.  I made a couple trips to our golf course ponds late in March and around the first of this month with very limited success.  Water temps were still pretty cold, and the fish were hugging the bottom of the deepest areas and not feeding.

But today our spirits brightened (at least mine did) as the bass and bluegills were a lot hungrier and more willing to bite a well twitched, unweighted tan colored wooly bugger. 

Earlier in the day casts with a smaller damsel fly were not well received, so at least we now have an idea about a pattern that works a bit better.

Here's a short video of a few days of early season fishing down here in Green Valley.


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4/22:  More nice fishing on our local ponds.  The bass seem to be getting hungrier, but the carp are still waiting for the right presentation.  Hooked a couple of the latter though both escaped easily before the release. 


A tan colored unweighted streamer still seems the ticket for the bass, but the carp require something smaller - and I'm running out of damsel fly nymphs.


When we return from Vail in the fall, I'll drag along a fairly small and hopefully complete enough tying kit to be able to offer more kinds of nymphs and streamers to these fishies.


Here's the short video - basically a clone of the one above.



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