November, 2013


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11/15-17:  As the video below will note, our dog Bluey & I got kicked out of the house down here in Green Valley over this weekend as my wife and her sisters declared themselves (and some friends) to be having a "hen party" on these three days - and roosters were not invited to attend.

Despite the iffy weather up north, we decided to venture up to Show Low - Pinetop, etc. and look for a few places to maybe hook a trout or two.

The trip got complicated to start with when it took me forever to find the parking lot for the public section of stream on Silver Creek just outside Show Low.  When we finally got there, the appearance of the creek was really disappointing.  Murky water flowing slowly through meadows, not much depth in most places, and just a goofy looking area.  However, as this day went along and the next two as well, the fishing turned out to be terrific.

Had always wanted to land and release one of the local native Apache trout, and that happened several times over the weekend.  Best of all, the waters held lots of brood rainbows from the local hatchery that were eager to try our flies.

And then just before leaving on Sunday, I hooked and released what was for me a really enormous buck rainbow whose weight was clearly in double digits.  Some photos follow, and then the video of the trip:

           Apache trout                                    18" hen rainbow                                We call him "Jaws"




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