May, 2013



5/4:  Joy of joys!  Had a great day of fishing late this afternoon for some decent sizied (3-5#) largemouth bass and a bonus landing of a carp that had to be in the twenty pound range.  We may have found Nirvana down here at the golf course we just joined.  There are several large ponds on the course that apparently hold numbers of decent sized fish.  Don't know if any other species are present, but if the fishing stays as good as it was today, we can be happy campers here any time we go out.

Here's a photo of one of the average bass plus the carp just after release, and the video of the session is just below the picture.



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5/13:  It's probably going to look a bit boring to see us fishing the same spots over and over down here in Arizona, but for those of us who are starved to do some fly casting - particularly while the runoff is going on up in Colorado, this is close to heaven on earth.

It was no different on our latest exploration of the ponds on our golf course down here.  The only change was finally hooking up some of the giant bluegills that share these water holes with the other residents - many fine largemouth bass, and of course the gargantuan carp - one of which was hooked today and quickly lost, as it snapped the fly off the 3X tippet.

Here's the short video of the outing which both Sue & I enjoyed:



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