June, 2013


Late in June:  We're still in Arizona, but will be heading back to Colorado shortly.  All our fishing down here has been concentrated on the small ponds on our local golf course.  The fishing really is quite good, albeit with a disparate mix of easy to catch versus almost impossible to catch species.

Our largemouth bass are all good sized as are the bluegills - - and of course, they're all pretty stupid.  The few gigantic carp in the ponds are at the other end of the intellectual spectrum - - and that means really smart. 


It can be an odd mix of species that we end up releasing each time we're casting.  I only brought a half dozen mixed flies down last spring and they're pretty much all gone.  Standard bead head streamers work pretty well on the bass and sunfish.


So far only the simple damsel fly nymphs have produced a limited number of strikes with the carp.  We'll tie a few new patterns back home and see how they work down here next fall.






Here's a somewhat overly lengthy video of the various trips we had in June.  Hopefully by the time we get back to Colorado, the runoff will be close to over and we can start substituting cold water fish in our videos and photos:


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06/28:  Creeks and rivers in our area are still running off on the high side, but I took a chance that Ten Mile Creek would be at least slightly accessible today and drove over the pass to try it.  While it turned out to be moving much faster than optimal, the fishing was still decent.  A short video of the trip follows:




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