February, 201


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2/19:  Another round of snow is heading our way, so I took a chance that the rivers down by Glenwood might be more ice free than they were back in January.  That turned out to be the case, but the fishing really wasn't a lot better now than it was then.

Started out throwing nymphs on the Colorado near West Glenwood and had only one landed to show for a good hour plus of casting.  It was a nice fish - a brown roughly eighteen inches in length that took a green scud.

Drove further into Glenwood and did a regular walk down from the Sunlight Bridge.  Shoreline is snowy but not icy and the river was very low (282 c.f.s.).  Suspect I disturbed many trout in a couple of normally successful holding zones as it was impossible to avoid walking down on those areas.  And consequently had little success here too, releasing only a couple more smaller browns.

Upstream on river left got shut out completely.  Walked back across the bridge and hiked even further up the river.  Changed tactics putting on a black streamer and had several annoyance type of strikes before playing a couple rainbows that objected to something moving through their feeding zone.  That was basically the trip.

It was a nice weather day and fun being back on the water.  Since we have unsettled weather moving in for the next couple of weeks, it's pretty unlikely that I'll get back down here until later in March.



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