September, 2011



9/9:  Our days in Colorado are winding down very quickly - maybe way too fast.  It's been a short summer of fishing, and we'll be off to Arizona this next weekend.  Had my last few casts on Gore Creek this afternoon, and as is the usual case, it was wonderful again.

A  nice sunny day with fish looking up made for perfect conditions.  Top water fly was that black bodied WRS that's been so successful for the past couple of weeks.  

Still don't know exactly what it resembles, but we're still guessing maybe a dark caddis, beetle, or possibly a cricket.  Whatever it is, the fly's been working great lately.

The video below pretty much describes the action today.  Just wished I'd landed one of the several browns I'd hooked and played.  That would have made for a fine season ending five trout slam.

Here's the video story:


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9/12-13:  Our last van trip of the year.  Fishing's almost over for us.  Maybe another one or two tries closer town, but for these two days we replicated our favorite golf/fish experiences up in Northwest Colorado in and around the town of Meeker.

After a quick nine holes Monday morning, we headed up the White River.  With a big rainstorm looming off to the West, Sue wisely opted to stay in the van and do crosswords.  Idiot me donned some waterproof pants and a jacket and headed out into the still running too high river.

Before the first drops came down, I played and released a really good twenty inch rainbow that was fair hooked at first, following which he popped off the first fly but was fin hooked by the second.  Such is life.

A couple more biggies followed that separated me from my dark bodied WRS as I was trying to remove it from their mouths.  Was getting tired of giving up my patiently tied flies.

Then the rain started coming down in sheets.  Really no fun at all.  Neither was the lightning and thunder that quickly followed.  I was happy to still be alive when that half hour was over.  Despite the storm, the good fishing continued.  Caught roughly half the fish that followed on the surface fly and half on whatever was trailing beneath the surface.  Several were in the 16-20 inch range.

With the stream still running way too fast and high, the fishing remained really excellent.  

Camped that night at our usual spot up above the lake.  In the morning drove back to Meeker for breakfast and another nine holes.  

Then fished part of the now defunct Prather-Nelson SWA with modest success before driving back to Glenwood.

Had a very disappointing hour of fishing on my favorite section of the Roaring Fork here.  Had to be a poor choice of nymphs to start with as I only had a couple of missed strikes at a normally very reliable hole on the edge of river.  Finally caught a couple of foot long rainbows, but certainly not what we'd been used to for success on this river.  Made a short video too and that's what follows here:




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