May, 2011


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5/26:  It was a long time in coming, but I finally got out on the water for a few casts today - and found some pretty good fishing too.  The pond we visit on the golf course is on the low water side right now and filled with plenty of green slime, but the fish were hungry.  Used a simple damsel fly nymph that's unweighted, and it seemed to be acceptable to their palates.

  Landed and released several nice sized sunfish and a handful of smallmouth bass to roughly sixteen inches in length.

We have to return to Vail in mid June, but with the runoff not even started up in Colorado yet, it could be a very long wait before we're able to get back on the streams in that state.  In fact there's apparently still some skiing going on this weekend up there.

Here's a short and simple video of the outing today:



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