March, 2010


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3/18:  FINALLY!  A day on the water.  Too much snow this winter made for a great ski season and a lousy winter fishing one.  That changed today on the Roaring Fork where the feeling of life on the line brightened my spirits a lot.

On the drive to Glenwood I doubted we might get in any fishing at all.  Both the Eagle and Colorado Rivers were completely blown out due to snowmelt from yesterday's storm, so I figured the Fork might be in the same shape.  It wasn't - although the discoloration did increase over the couple of hours I was on the water.

My early season ineptness showed as the day started.  Poor casts, flies in the bushes, missed strikes, misplayed fish, etc. made me wonder if I'd ever land anything, but the tide eventually turned and the session ended up being very fruitful.  With a double nymph rig, the heavy size #12 pseudo Czech style nymph took all the strikes.  A bead head buckskin was refused completely.

Am guessing releasing a good dozen plus rainbows between 12-20 inches, a couple more browns, and ditto for the whiteys.  Missed at least that many more strikes.  Lots of fun, and a good start to the season.

Here's an informal video of the action:


That appears to be it for the fishing here in Colorado this spring.  Our winter weather simply will not give us a break.  Had hoped to do several short trips before leaving for Arizona, but it's not going to happen.  Good for the rest of the ski season, bad for us to get out on the water.



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