June, 1997

5/30-6/4: The spring Lake Powell trip. Check back here shortly. Photos still not available. It was excellent fishing this year.

Last Logbook Entry

6/5: GORE CREEK IS IN FLOOD. I verrry carefully slid down a steep slope to the edge of the torrent and tried stripping a "grey pearl" fly along the bank. Poor choice of location as even with a BB sized split shot the fly still skimmed the surface. Fifteen minutes of this was enough and I biked up to the ponds. Clear as a bell, but few fish were evident and those that were there were typically badly spooked by any motion at all.

Tried a tiny red midge with no success, but when I went back to the gray midge emerger fished slowly along the bottom, was able to pick up a couple of fair brookies. That was it for the day.


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